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1.Call monitoring

When the other person's phone calls or answers the phone, the mobile phone spy software will automatically open the recording; and a detailed record of the calls, time, and the number of incoming calls, send to your pre set box.



2.Short letter intercept

Mobile spy software can intercept all send and receive text messages and calls, even if the other party immediately delete, you also can be smoothly to view its contents.

3.GPS tracking

By setting the software can track the exact location of the other party, let him (he) undetected. You can tell whether your child ran out of places to go; if your staff deserted! Even indoor can not accept the satellite signal can also use the base station location.



4.Environmental eavesdropping

Spyware can be used as a tool for eavesdropping, and it can help you know what's happening around you. Software to open the other side of the phone's microphone, automatic recording of the surrounding environment sound, the last time you set up the mailbox.

5.Remote open camera

You can see the mobile phone of the other side of existing multimedia picture. At the same time, it can remote to open the other camera, photography above is transmitted to the mailbox. For you to see



6.Remote control

When the phone is lost, we always suffer from information leakage. You can remotely empty the phone's data or directly to lock on the phone to circumvent the illegal leakage of information.

7.Control application

You can decide which applications and programs on your mobile phone can be accessed, and which can not. This ensures that the mobile phone harassment from bad behavior.



8.Perfect service

We offer free trial of software, and we are satisfied with the payment, and support multiple languages; lifetime service, free upgrade. To solve all the worries for you