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Make a computer monitor



Purchase the user please leave your contact box. We will send the installation instructions within 24 hours to your mailbox.

XSPY-007 function Android Version iPhone Version (JB) iPad Version
Telephone recording
Message content
Call recording
Environmental sound recording
GPS location tracking
Capture photos
Video capture
Audio capture
Facebook Record
Skype Record
Instant messenger
LINE Record
WeChat records
APP record
Viber record
Internet record
Account password interception
Remote updating
Mobile phone replacement
Program invisibility
Compatible network All network All network All network
Supported by the state All countries All countries All countries
Three months Price: 327USD 327USD 327USD
Six months Price: 560USD 560USD 560USD
Long term use Price: 960USD 960USD 960USD
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Computer monitoring program No need to touch the other side of the computer
Price 199USD
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