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Xspy-007 is a professional mobile phone anti-theft monitoring software for Symbian and Android, WM system and iPhone different in replication monitor the phone card, eavesdropping card scam, after installing the software immediately with the phone's GPS, cell phone call record, recording, message content query function, at present on the market total 4000 to support a variety of this software is the use of smart phones. Even if the stolen mobile phone software can recover lost!

Detailed function:

1, call content recording:

Can be in the target cell phone and other calls to the two sides of the phone to send to your exclusive cloud platform, you can open or close the recording function, but also for the purpose of setting up a single or more number of audio monitoring.

2, on-site environmental monitoring:

Target mobile phone is not in the call, the monitoring of mobile phone directly to the target cell phone can be monitored around the sound of the environment, can turn on or off the environment monitoring function

3, the content of the letter is monitored:

Install this software on the phone will automatically send all received SMS and send SMS back to your exclusive cloud platform

4, base station code positioning:

If the target phone has no GPS features, the target cell phone will be required to transmit GSM base code information to your mailbox, you can use the base station code near line positioning

5, call record:

The target phone will automatically send all incoming calls to your exclusive cloud platform

6, set the monitoring range

Can be set up in a certain range of mobile phone monitoring or monitoring

7, change card notice:

When the target phone to change the SIM card, the main control phone (you use to monitor the target phone, another mobile phone) will receive notification

8, check the way:

Exclusive cloud platform

The content of the mobile phone is monitored, the phone can be viewed in addition to the contents of the recording

9, monitor the number list:

You can set up a number list to monitor or monitor

10, upload the other mobile phone address book card folder:

Target mobile phone will send the phone address book business card folder sent to your exclusive cloud platform

11, Android (Android)

The original meaning of the word Android refers to the "robot", also is Google in November 5, 2007 announced based on the name of the Linux open-source mobile operating system, the program supports Android 1.6, Android 12.1 and Android 2.2 operating system. Using Android system mobile phone manufacturers including HTC (HTC), Samsung (Samsung), grinding Toro! (Motorola), LG, Sony Ericsson and

12, use:

You buy the mobile phone monitoring program for free to enjoy the updated upgrades and Technology Education