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20120323060156_17424.jpgWhat can Xspy-007 do for you?


Mobile security, fully effective to prevent the loss of your phone.
2、Help parents monitor their children and let you know what their children are doing.
3、Monitor the employee who you suspect, and monitor whether he is engaged in commercial espionage.
4、In the marriage of self protection survey, looking for his (her) betrayal of evidence!
5、Used in all kinds of business surveys, to help your business from the success of the more recent!

1、Universal monitoring function

"As far back as the global million in, nearly feet feet next door products in the network GSM/3G signal transfer, the global distance wireless monitoring, anytime, anywhere to hear is listening.

2、Listening and recording function

Configuration fully automatic recording, can be admitted to the relevant information and the surrounding environment related to the call, high quality recording. Audio information using the mobile phone recording function, can be admitted to the scene.

3、Mobile location tracking

Mobile positioning tracking, in the case of the other completely do not know, will be monitored at each location, the use of mobile phone base station +GPS positioning accuracy reached 3-10 meters range.


All telecom can use Xspy-007 monitoring program, the national range is not limited to the site, as long as there is a signal of the network can be used.

5、Call monitoring function

When the other talk, very clear to hear each other's conversation, in the other side completely do not know the situation, the secret, with time to listen to the other side of the environment.

6、Exclusive function

LINE/SKYPE/FACEBOOK/VIBER/WECHAT/WHATSAPP all can be monitored. I heard that writing is unique.

7、Change card notification function

If you are installing a new SIM card, the phone will immediately send a new number to your control terminal in the form of text messages.

8、Real-time communication software monitoring function

In the case of the installation of the Xspy-007 phone is fully aware of the situation, each time using LINE.APP. instant communication software.

9、3G video surveillance

Under installed Xspy-007 hand R machine completely without knowing the secret from the start the 3G mobile video monitoring of the surrounding environment at a glance, you need evidence clearly.